THE ARMORER™ (Patent Pending), is an advanced multi-functional tool and precision ordnance gauge custom designed from the ground-up for the M14, M1A, and the M1 Garand type rifles. Its revolutionary design allows it to replace a multitude of standard single function tools and combo tools currently in existence. Its design is deceivingly simple.

Every inch of the tool is designed to save weight and provide the maximum functions possible in a small package. THE ARMORER™ transforms into an unprecedented 30+ Functionalities and Configurations in a single tool.

Lightweight, compact, and portable, THE ARMORER™ multi-functional tool will be there when you need it - in the shop, at the range, or on a hunt. It fits conveniently in the top butt stock storage compartment of the M14/M1A rifle or can be carried in its custom MOLLE compatible Cordura® nylon tool pouch.

Both the THE ARMORER™ multi-functional tool and its custom pouch are 100% designed, developed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A. The parts are precision CNC machined from high quality bar stock 41L40 Chrome-Moly Steel (Brass for Thread Protector and Grease Cap) and heat treated to a Rockwell hardness of 50-52.

Click here to see a demonstration and explanation of each function and configuration of THE ARMORER™ multi-function tool.



THE ARMORER™ multi-tool has the following functions and utilities for the M14/M1A and M1 Garand Rifle. It replaces many of the existing single function and combo tools, plus many more that is unique. The cost alone, of the tools and gauges on the market that it replaces, exceeds $240. Many of the functions and utilities of THE ARMORER™ multi-tool are either completely new, or have no directly comparable counterparts. The size, portability, weight savings, and ease of use put THE ARMORER™ multi-tool in a unique category of tools that is without peers.

M14/M1A SpecificComparable Tool Cost
1. Trigger Guard Take Down ToolN/A
2. .30 Cal. Muzzle Wear Gauge (Angled)$35
3. .30 Cal. Muzzle Wear Gauge (Straight)$35
4. M14/M1a Throat Erosion Gauge$70-$90
5. Trigger Group Take-Down/Disassembly ToolN/A
6. Extractor Removal Push ToolN/A
7. Extractor Claw Cleaner/ScraperN/A
8. 3/8" Hex Socket / Gas Nut Wrench$15 (M14 Combo Tool)
9. Bolt Roller Greaser $10-$15
10. ¼" Hex Socket for Standard Drive Bits (User To Supply Bits)N/A
11. Gas Piston Holder$5-$10
12. Rear Sight Screw Driver w/ Torque HandleN/A
13. Butt stock Screw Tool N/A
14. Spindle Valve Tool N/A
15. Magazine Floor Plate Puller/Disassembly Tool N/A
16. Butt stock Trap Door Tool N/A
17. Grease Stick/Reach Tool for Water Tight Dry Storage ContainerN/A
18. Grease Stick for Grease PotN/A
19. Bolt Face Carbon ScraperN/A
20. Gas Piston Groove CleanerN/A
21. Connector Lock Pin ToolN/A
22. Rear Sight Spring/Cover ToolN/A
23. Hand guard Removal ToolN/A
24. Grease Cap ToolN/A
25. Grease Storage PotN/A
26. Flash Hider Alignment Gauge (Short)N/A
27. Flash Hider Alignment Gauge (Long)$70
28. Stock Liner Tool with Torque Handle$15-$20
29. Water Tight Dry Storage ContainerN/A
30. Butt stock Storage Tool ConfigurationN/A
31. Tool Pouch Storage ConfigurationN/A
M1 GARAND SpecificComparable Tool Cost
1. .30 Cal. Muzzle Wear Gauge (Angled) $35
2. .30 Cal. Muzzle Wear Gauge (Straight)$35
3. M1 GARAND Throat Erosion Gauge$70-90 ($25 Spacer)
4. Trigger Group Take-Down/Disassembly ToolN/A
5. Extractor Removal Push ToolN/A
6. Extractor Claw Cleaner/ScraperN/A
7. ¼" Hex Socket for Standard Drive Bits N/A
8. Rear Sight Screw Driver w/ Torque HandleN/A
9. Butt stock Screw ToolN/A
10. Butt stock Trap Door ToolN/A
11. Grease Stick/Reach Tool for Water Tight Dry Storage ContainerN/A
12. Grease Stick for Grease PotN/A
13. Bolt Face Carbon ScraperN/A
14. Rear Sight Spring/Cover ToolN/A
15. Hand guard Removal ToolN/A
16. Front Sling Swivel Screw ToolN/A
17. Stacking Swivel Screw ToolN/A
18. Grease Cap ToolN/A
19. Grease Storage PotN/A
20. Water Tight Dry Storage ContainerN/A
21. Tool Pouch Storage ConfigurationN/A



  • "The BAD-T1/THE ARMORER™ an ingeniously-designed, unique multi-purpose tool and precision ordnance gauge designed for the M1A/M-14 type rifle, and the M1 Garand. The Armorer is comprised of several multi-function components that can be assembled into different configurations to perform more than 30 weapon-specific functions. It isn't a general multi-use tool, but one with specialized functions unique to the M1A family of weapons, that replaces a host of weapon-specific tools. This is the first time M14 gauges and tools have been combined into one multi-functional tool, which should make M1A owners, armorers and enthusiasts very excited." Link to Full Review
  • "The material it is made from is excellent; The machining is excellent. The Craftsmanship is Excellent. Ease of use is complex. It does what it advertises. Like all Multi- Purpose Tools, the BAD-T1 preforms some tasks better than others. The tool design is unique and well thought out. It will require some amount of practice to become proficient in its total use. As a single tool, it will prove invaluable to the M1A/ M1 owner... Overall, this is an Excellent tool, a welcome addition to my tool box.... Few Commercial products are to be found on the Market of this quality... If you have not ordered this New Tool put it on your Christmas list. A job well done, my personal thanks to all concerned in the making of this exceptional Tool." Art Luppino (M14 Gun Smith)- Kerrville, TX
  • "I'd just like everyone to know that development of this tool has involved the input of several folks, many of whom are members of this forum ( George has actively sought out the advice of knowledgeable people in his quest to develop a quality, workable combination tool that can take the place of several others and still fit into a small handy package. I think you will like it." Ted Brown (M14 Gun Smith - Shooters Den) - Jacksonville, OR
  • "I received the tools today. Wow! I am impressed with the quality and obvious usefulness of this tool set. I assembled all the different configurations and tried them out. All worked as advertised and work well. It's hard to imagine the amount of thought and innovation that went into the BAD-T1 tool set. I am impressed. Thank you for sending it. The BAD-T3 and BAD-T4 wrenches are great too. When I looked over the T3 I thought this would be really good if it included a wrench for the GLFS even though the Garand gas lock wrench will come in handy. Then I opened the case and took out the T4 wrench... I just don't know what else I could ask for. This set includes it all. Looks like you've got a winner. Keep up the good work!" Ted Brown (M14 Gun Smith - Shooters Den) - Jacksonville, OR
  • "...I was impressed enough to buy two of the T-1 tools. I keep one for the SHTF kit and one to take to the range. For those who want or need a very portable M14 tool kit, your ship has come in. I've been using the T-1 for several weeks now as I adjust and clean my M1A rifles. Bottom line, it works as advertised. Each tool and pouch comes with well written instructions that have illustrations and color photos for each function." Lee Emerson (Author of M14 History and Development) - Las Vegas, NV
  • "Greetings, My tool arrived yesterday. Looks to be really well made and engineered. Looking forward to use the gauges to do some barrel and chamber measurements. Great job George! Thanks again for doing this here in the USA!" Jim - Bucks County, PA
  • "Got my two BadT1 tool sets the other day and went right up to the range with them and my buddy to look them over and check the throat erosion on both rifles, then do some shooting. The tools are very well made, you can tell they are precision pieces of equipment. The pouch they came in is a nice touch and I've already got designs on the BAD-T2 when they are released so I can fill the middle section of the pouch. All in all, an indispensable multi-tool system that will remain in the butt stock of one of my rifles while the other set remains in the case ready for the field in another M1a's rifle case. Thanks for making this system, it's just what the Dr. ordered George. I'm really excited to be able to do so much maintenance and work on the rifle with such a small set of tools that hide in the butt stock, thereby eliminating the heavy range bag I used to have to lug around." Robin - Apache Junction, AZ
  • "Mine just came in the mail. For those who haven't gotten theirs yet, it's worth the wait! Now to sit down and figure out how to do all the good stuff it's capable of. Thank you!" Richard - Albany, NY
  • "My little jewell showed up in the mail today. I think it's the only hand tool I have that needed directions to figure out. Thanks!" Mike - Cameron Park, CA
  • "Got mine today. LOVE IT! George, you did a GREAT job thinking about little things that the tool could do. My roommate and I had a blast going through and trying to figure it out before we read the instructions. Well done and thanks." Calvin - Blaine, WA
  • "BAD-T1 Received!. I hope to live long enough to use most of the functions. You played with the "Mousetrap" game when you were younger didn't you. Love it!" Gary - Cortez, CO
  • "It's Christmas in August!!!!!! I just got mine today! great job with this tool. Now I'm going to see if i can get it into all of those configurations. Kkeep up the good work!" Andy - Benton, MS
  • " my BAD-T1 tool a couple of days ago, and want to say thank you much! I probably spend an hour reading the instructions, and playing with all the arrangements. Way cool! Appreciate the group buy, and thanks to Hawk for letting it happen, too." Conrad - Fraser, CO
  • "Got my tool Friday and all I can say is outstanding workmanship and real quality! Thank you so much." Mike - Louisville, KY
  • "Got mine today too. Thanks! This thing is absolutely first rate and very professionally done - quality in person is even better than photos show. Just the TE/MW gages are worth the price. So now I'm off to measure everything I own..." Keith - Mount Laurel, NJ
  • "Got the T1 and T3 in Saturday's mail. Thank you for shipping so rapidly. Above all else, I must compliment you on both the innovation and the worksmanship you have crafted into your products! I would even go so far as to say that John Garand himself would approve. I do believe it will take me a while to master the proper use of all the components and their proper functions, but it is ingenious on your part to fit so many functions into such a small and versatile set!" Ken - Cary, NC
  • "I got my BAD-T1 tool today! The workmanship is great! I can't wait to try it out....and show my buds that shoot. Thanks a lot and I look forward to BAD-T2" Ron - Campbell, CA

Tool Specs

Weight0.42 lbs
Material41L40 Chrome-Moly Steel and Brass
HardnessRockwell 50-52
Functions30+ click here
DimensionsFits 9" L x .80" Dia. Tube

Custom Pouch Specs

Material1000 denier Cordura nylon
Pockets3 Tool Pockets + 1 Wide Flat Pocket
ColorsCoyote Brown, Black, OD Green or Multi-cam
LockSide Release Buckle Closure
Mounting5 Rows of MOLLE Compatible PALS webbing
AttachmentMALICE Clip (included)
StitchingDouble Stitch Reinforced
Weight0.18 lbs
Dimensions9" L x 3.5" W

Availability: AVAILABLE NOW!

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Technical Photos
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