Full Conceal Inc.

The world’s first and only practical life-defending FOLDING handgun.

“Our mission is to make daily concealed handgun carry safe and practical for everyone.”

Full Conceal Inc. invented the world’s first and only practical, consumer production, semi-automatic, folding handgun.  We address the issues and compromises of carrying a handgun when it comes to concealability, safety, comfort, convenience, and firepower

We address the concealed carry conundrum: “I Don’t Want My Lifestyle to Revolve Around My Carry Gun.”

Will my clothes hide my gun? What holster do I need? Can I carry this heavy thing all day? Will it go off in my purse? Can I even hit anything with this tiny gun? Am I going to shoot myself while re-holstering? Is this caliber powerful enough? What if someone notices my gun and tries to take it from me? These real-world questions illustrate just some of the complexities that discourage many people from carrying their self-defense handgun.

The objective of Full Conceal is to increase the number and frequency of people carrying a concealed handgun safely without compromise. We believe that increasing the number of good, law-abiding, people who are adequately armed for self-defense will reduce the frequency and casualty rate of mass shooting attacks, robbery, assault, rape and other violent crimes.

To achieve this, we had to overcome the safety concerns and convenience issues that prevent legally authorized concealed carry firearms owners from actually carrying their self-defense handgun. We did this by making a real life-defending handgun so safe and easy to carry it could be integrated seamlessly into daily life without hassle or anxiety, and be pocketed as you walked out the door of your house, as naturally as you pocket your keys and cell phone.